Used Skydiving Gear For Sale

We have an extensive inventory of Used Skydiving Gear for Sale ranging from accessories (altimeters, helmets and jumpsuits) to complete skydiving rigs. If you are new to the sport of skydiving and looking to start buying your own gear, WE CAN HELP!  Our inventory is not currently listed online, as it changes daily. If you are looking for something specific, please CONTACT US and we can you situated. If you have general questions about gear or need help, please feel free to reach out as we help alot of Newbie Skydivers with their first gear purchases.
You can view some of our Used Inventory on DROPZONE.COM and Our Facebook Page!

New Skydiving Gear For Sale

Dropzone Solutions can help you with new skydiving gear from all the popular manufacturers. Considering that new Javelin or Vector Container? or going to downsize to that new Sabre3? WE CAN HELP! We are aligned with all the manufacturers and have access to their stock and can also help order custom sized and color gear (Yes, its is important to look good while skydiving!). Consider our FINANCING “Installment Lease” option, so you can save money for Jump Tickets and Tunnel Time.


Military Discount on Skydiving Gear

If you are Active Duty Military or Retired you can receive Military Discounts from some of the manufacturers. We support our Military and love to help you connect with the those Skydiving Gear Military Discounts. Please CONTACT US and let us know what you are looking for and we can get you situated.