At Dropzone Solutions we appreciate our active and retired Military Members. To show our appreciation, we offer discounts on new skydiving gear orders and some stock if applicable. We also extend the Military Discounts that all the great skydiving gear manufacturers offer our great service members. Let us know how we can help you with your skydiving gear needs, financing also available.


Here is a list of the some discounts the manufacturers offer for Military Skydiving Gear Discounts. Military ID or Copy of Orders required to provide proof of service to receive discount. Discounts are for new orders and cannot be combined with any other discounts or stock specials. Discounts subject to change without notice.

-Sunpath – 25% off Base Price of a new Javelin (Active Duty and no discount on options)
-Sunrise Manufacturing – 40% off Base Price of a new custom Wings Container (no discount on options)
-Mirage Systems – 30% off Base Price of a new custom Mirage G3 or G4 Container (no discount on options)
-Rigging Innovations – 25% off Base Price of a new custom Curv/Voodoo/Talon FX Container (no discount on options)
-Icarus World – $100 off your first canopy, $150 off a second canopy purchased at the same time.
-Aerodyne Research – 5% off below retail price listed (Active Duty Only)
-M2 Mars AAD – Discount unit price of $950 (Retail $1000)